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Rovos Rail is a specialty Train Operating Company (TOC) located at the former South African Railways diesel and steam traction shed.

Rovos has a very good website that can be reached at:

The Rovos web site also has a page that lists the Rovos steam locomotive inventory, complete with a short history of each locomotive. The web page can be reached at:

My visit to the Rovos site was not planned, and therefore I did not really have my act together with respect to coming and goings of the steam traction. Two 19D's had departed earlier as a light engine move toward the west. The 19D hauled passenger train was due in later the same day.

Having missed the 19D light engine move, as I was up in the Spoornet electric loco shed, I asked permission of Rovos Rail if I could walk the property and photo the arriving passenger train.

With Marlene Sturgeon acting as my safety guide, I was able to gather a few images of the rolling stock and the arriving passenger train.

Note, the images are presented in order of subject and not by time or day taken.


Rovos Rail Shield

This is an image of the Rovos Rail shield.

Rovos Rail Shidld


Capital Park Steam & Diesel Loco Shed Rail Entrance

These images show what the entrance to the former diesel and steam shed looks now. The road going off to the left, shown in the first image, heads toward the coaling stage and the Friends Of The Rail (FOTR) facility.

Rovos & FOTR Entrance Rovos Entrance


Rovos Rail Yard

When I was last at this shed in 1997, the place was just waiting for the end.

Now, the entire shed property has been cleaned up and the former offices converted into a railway station. What an incredible improvement.

The three images shown here are looking eastward from the Rovos Rail entrance toward the shed.

Rovos Rail Yard Rovos Rail Station West End of Platform Station Road and Platform


Station Platform and Clock Tower

The majority of civil structures of the Rovos Rail are rebuilt or converted ex-SAR buildings. However, the station platform and the clock tower are new structures.

The following six images show the former SAR water tanks, watering pipes, revamped buildings, the new clock tower, and the two large silver coloured, and now empty, diesel fuel storage tanks.

Water Tanks Watering Pipes Rovos Rail Station Rovos Rail Station & Clock Tower
Rovos Rail Station Building Rovos Rail Clock Tower


North-West Side of Shed Water Tank and Trackage

The Capital Park Diesel and Steam water tank still stands, and is in service.

This portion of the shed was used during the 1980's as the steam loco cut-up location. Good to see it all cleaned up and looking rather smart.

Water Tank North Shed Roads


Rovos Train Arriving

19D's 2701 and 2702 hauling in the Rovos Rail passenger train.

Rovos Rail Train Arriving


19D-2702, BIANCA

The following images show Bianca having pulled the passenger train in from the station to inside the shed for train cleaning and replenishment.

19D-2702 19D-2702 Running Gear Rovos Rail Loco Smokebox Shield Rovos Rail Loco Cab Plate


19D-2701, BRENDA & 2702, BIANCA

These images show Brenda and Bianca in the shed with the fires banked.

Brenda & Bianca Brenda & Bianca Brenda


19D-3360, SHAUN

19D, Shaun, was not fired but was located two roads over (west) from Brenda.

Shaun 19D-3360, Rovos Cab Plate


Class 6-439, TIFFANY

Tiffany is an operating loco, however during my visit some hydrostatic work was being performed. Notice the steam dome cover is off.

Class 6-439 Tiffany's Builders Plate



Marjorie is an oil burning 25NC.

Marjorie is stored on the old mobile crane track. This is a difficult location to photograph as the sunlight is partially blocked by the shed roof.

Marjorie, Side View Rovos Cab Plate Marjorie, Front View


Yard Critter

Rovos Rail has a home made shunter. The critter is shown here performing the duties of moving the train replenishment wagons to the staging locations.

Yard Critter


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